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    Online Portal Directions

    We ask that parents and students visit our online portal page each day to have students complete their daily assignments. The approach that we recommend is as follows: 

    1. Students should go to their grade level on the left side of this page and click the links for each subject area.  Each grade page is broken up into homerooms and then individual classes.
    2. Under subject areas, there’ll be assignments listed for the week. 
    3. Some students may work faster than others. If assignments are finished early, we recommend enrichment activities in a related subject area that could involve researching a topic of interest and writing a summary.   
    4. One of the greatest challenges of operating in a virtual learning environment is holding learners accountable. We appreciate parents and family members doing whatever they can to aid us in this effort. Celebrate effort and discourage distraction.
    5. Finally, related service teachers (speech, basic skills and special education) will be listed at each grade level by teacher's name. Additional assignments will be available to students who work with these teachers.   


    Other Helpful Recommendations

    • Try to maintain a routine as similar to a normal school day as possible.
    • Don’t let children sleep in, have extended periods of screen time or put off doing daily assignments.
    • Dedicate a place in your home where students can work with minimal distractions. 
    • Have set time frames for how long children should do school work (30-45 minutes per assignment). 
    • Celebrate focus and dedication.