• Roster Eligibility

    Tryouts will be held for Crest Memorial School sports teams that have a number of prospective students signing up that is greater than the roster number located in the Athletic Teams Handbook (WCBOE approved yearly in August) for each sport.  While this selection process can be difficult for all parties involved, it is necessary for some sports programs.

    Tryouts- Procedures & Practices

     Tentative tryout dates will be set in August and posted on the school website.  There will be an informational opening meeting with each sport prior to tryouts.  At this meeting all prospective students will receive a letter that includes information regarding tryout procedures, dates, practices, and equipment needed for each sport.  These letters will try to be consistent across each sport, but may differ due to the need of each individual sport.  There will be a section on the letter for the student and parent(s) to sign and return.  This section must be signed and returned before the student can participate.

     If student cuts are needed, each coach will individually approach the student the day after the last tryout.  This will be an in person meeting either during the school day or after school, but will happen before the first practice of the season occurs.  This will not happen at the end of the last tryout, nor will a list of any team be shared with the students prior to said meeting.

    The number of tryout days will vary at the discretion of the coaches for that sport. 

    If a prospective athlete is going to miss the tryout period, he or she must let the coach know well before the beginning of tryouts, and his or her tryout period will take place as soon as that athlete is eligible for practice.  A “makeup” tryout should only be used for emergency purposes and must be scheduled with the coach directly.