What is the Child Study Team?

  •      The Child Study Team is responsible for the identification, evaluation and determination of eligibility of children with disabilities. The definition of “child with a disability” under IDEA (Individuals with Disability Education Act) includes children with physical, emotional, learning and cognitive disabilities who, because of their condition, need special education and/or related services. The Child Study Team is also accountable for the development, monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of each student’s Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) The identification process can be initiated by a parent or physician, but usually it is the teacher who will initially show concern over the pupil’s lack of progress and make this fact known to the parent. The teacher may then, with the collaboration of the parent, seek to remedy the student’s difficulties through strategic intervention provided by the Intervention & Referral Services Committee (I & RS). If such techniques do not prove helpful, the child may be brought to the attention of the Child Study Team by the I & RS. Parents who suspect their child may have a disability may contact Mrs. Donna Groon in the Child Study Team by phone at 522-1522, or in writing to request an evaluation. When the student is identified to the Child Study Team, the team, including the school psychologist, school social worker, and the learning consultant, reviews the student’s records, school performance, teacher input, and parent concerns and determines whether an evaluation is warranted. If it is, parent consent to evaluate will be obtained. Following this evaluation, an Eligibility conference is held and if a pupil is found eligible for special education and related services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed and implemented with parent consent. The IEP addresses the child’s special needs, including specialized instruction and recommended placement. The entire procedure from identification to program implementation is completed within a ninety-day time limit imposed by law.

    Lori Datti Child Study Team Chairperson LDT-C

    Terrence Tracey School Psychologist

    Alison Dardine School Social Worker

    Mary Jaskel Child Study Team Secretary