Board of Education

  • The oversight of the Wildwood Crest School District is entrusted to the Board of Education which consists of five community members elected by local voters for three-year terms. Citizens are always welcome at the meetings. Through a well-trained staff, quality instruction, technological advancements, support services, and a safe, positive learning environment, the Board’s goal is to develop lifelong learners with the knowledge and thinking skills necessary to successfully meet the challenges of the present and the future. The Board continues to strive to provide a quality program of education for all the students it serves. They believe that they must meet the needs of as many students as possible, while embracing each student’s unique qualities. The Board believes that meaningful educational programs and opportunities are what should drive a school district, and that providing the essential elements of a thorough education to all of our students is the Board’s primary focus.


    Meets Every 3rd Tuesday at Wildwood Crest Memorial School
    5:30 p.m.- Work Session
    Regular Board Meeting will begin when work session ends

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