•  In accordance with the National Parent Teacher Organization’s recommendations regarding homework, students at Crest Memorial will be assigned approximately ten minutes of total homework each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night beginning in first grade. The total time will increase by approximately ten minutes for each grade level and should involve reading, writing, math, social studies and science by sixth grade. The percentage of a child’s final marking period grade that homework should account for is up to teacher discretion. However, a final marking period grade should be reflective of the amount of growth a child experiences in a given marking period.

    Purpose of homework:

    • Give parents an idea of concepts and skills being taught.
    • Provide parents with an opportunity to reinforce classroom instruction at home or identify areas of concern.
    • Allow students the opportunity to reinforce and reflect upon learning that has happened during the daytime.
    • Preview concepts that will be explored in later lessons.
    • Help students develop the organizational skills that will make them successful life-long learners.

    What homework is not: 

    • Time where parents teach students new concepts. If students are unable to complete activities, please contact your child’s teacher as it may be an indication further instruction is needed.
    • An opportunity for parents to model their own proficiency in a given subject area. Students should complete activities with limited parent support so that they can develop their own understanding and skills.
    • A parent’s sole responsibility. Students need to learn organizational skills and responsibility. Children should be encouraged to write assignments in an agenda book and make sure they understand the instructions.


    The CMS homework page is organized by grade level. You can click any of the following grade levels listed in the table below. There you’ll find teacher links to their homework calendars. To see the homework assigned, click the day in question on the calendar, and you’ll find that teacher’s assignments listed.

    Updated Homework Policy

    If you have questions, please contact Mr. Lhulier at llhulier@crestmem.edu.